Sunday’s Child

Meet Tyler. He is a very sweet and kind 10-year-old. He has an endearing smile, is healthy, athletic and he loves animals. He enjoys helping take care of the animals at his current placement. He also enjoys drawing, doing puzzles, playing with Legos, video games and doing word searches. He puts forth a good effort when playing sports and enjoys being part of a team. He has a wonderful sense of humor and he identifies family as the most important aspect of his life and would love to have a family to call his own.

Tyler is in the fourth grade this year. He has been through a lot and it takes him some time to accept help from others. He is becoming more open to allowing others to help him through difficult times when his emotions become overwhelming. Tyler’s worker feels he would be most successful in a home with a single father or a couple. He should be the youngest or only child in the home.

Many children in West Virginia are legally eligible to be adopted and are waiting for permanent and loving families. More information on adoption is available by contacting Mission West Virginia at (866) CALL-MWV (866-225-5698) or emailing