Woman enters plea following break-in

An Elkins woman has pleaded guilty to one county of conspiracy to commit burglary, a felony; one count of forgery, a felony; and one count of contributing to the delinquency of a child, a misdemeanor.

Corcia Michelle Ramey Smith, 34, entered into a plea agreement in Randolph County Circuit Court. Smith is currently in custody in the Tygart Valley Regional Jail pending bond.

In court last week, Ramey told Wilfong she didn’t remember all of the night of the break-in.

“I remember following my provider and following him into a home,” Ramey said. “I remember getting into the refrigerator.”

Ramey denied knowing whose residence the home was or what made her decide to enter the home.

“I don’t know (why we did it,)” Ramey said. “I was just following him and I remember getting into the refrigerator. I remember being cold. He gave me his jacket and brought me a blanket from somewhere. It was still wrapped in a plastic bag. I remember him running and he went out through the basement window. I wasn’t tall enough to go out the window.”

Wilfong ordered a pre-sentence investigation. Sentencing for Ramey is slated for 9 a.m. June 27.

In October 2012, Elkins Police Department officers responded to a call from a resident who told emergency dispatchers he had been woken up by his barking dog and believed someone was in his house.

When officers arrived at the residence at 1:57 a.m., they talked to the resident through an upstairs window. The man said he believed someone was still downstairs and officers then heard “what sounded like someone moving rapidly” through the house, the complaint states.

Officers subsequently spotted a person in the basement through a window and entered the basement, where they found an adult woman – later identified as Ramey – hiding among various items.

Ramey allegedly initially resisted arrest but became compliant and was taken into custody after police sprayed her in the face with pepper spray. Police discovered a basement window that appeared to have been broken from the inside, and Ramey said she had been with a man who escaped out the window prior to the officers’ arrival.

Police then searched Ramey and found a small pink change purse containing foreign coins that the homeowner said belonged to his wife, according to the complaint.

When officers questioned Ramey at the Elkins Police Department, she identified herself as a different person. She also provided officers with that woman’s date of birth and a Social Security number that was just one digit off the Elkins woman’s Social Security number.

In other court news, the following actions were taken:

Brandon Beeson, 26, of Elkins, appeared with his attorney, Dwight Hall, for a motion to modify his bond. Hall contended his client was merely as passenger in a vehicle during his March 11 arrest. Beeson was charged with possession of substances used to manufacture methamphetamine, a felony. Godwin denied Beeson’s request.

Waleena Dawn Taylor, 30, of Elkins, appeared with her attorney, William T. Nestor, to enter a plea agreement. Taylor was indicted in February on one county of shoplifting, third offense, a felony. She pled guilty to second offense shoplifting, a felony. Wilfong asked for a pre-sentence investigation. The sentencing is set for 9 a.m. June 27.

Tammy Summerfield Weese, 36, entered a plea agreement to shoplifting, third offense – a felony. She was arrested in 2012 for taking food and clothing from Elkins Walmart valued at $342.94. Summerfield said she has two prior arrests for shoplifting. Wilfong ordered a pre-sentence investigation, and sentencing was set for 9 a.m. July 15.