WVCH student recognized for achievement

A student from West Virginia Children’s Home School in Elkins who was once a struggling reader has been named this year’s 2013 Scholastic All-Star Award for making incredible gains in reading achievement and overall student performance.

Through the use of the Scholastic reading intervention program, READ 180, eighth-grader Allyson Summerfield is well on her way to reading on grade level.

She was repeating seventh grade when she arrived at West Virginia Children’s Home School, and was reading at a first-grade level. Family troubles and hanging out with the wrong crowd had led her to begin skipping school. Through READ 180, she discovered her ability to learn and succeed when she applies herself.

“READ 180 has changed my attitude about school,” Summerfield explained. “This experience has changed my grades dramatically from all F’s and D’s to a 3.5 G.P.A.”

She is now receiving A’s and B’s on her report card and has advanced from a first-grade level to a fifth-grade level in less than two years. She wants to be the first child in her family to walk across the stage and receive her diploma. She has proven that it is never too late to catch up and turn your life around.

The Scholastic All-Star Awards recognize the outstanding achievements of students in READ 180 and System 44 classrooms across the country who have overcome reading challenges to succeed in school.