American Legion Post 96 hosts flag ceremony

The Belington Post Office lot was the gathering place Friday for the American Legion Post 96 unserviceable flag ceremony.

Commander Ralph Bumgardner welcomed those attending. Respect for the Flag, History of the Flag and Rules of the Flag were speech topics given by Legion member Ron Layhew. Max Groves, Legion chaplain, offered prayer to begin the ceremony.

Those attending were told that to show respect for the flag, people should stand up, take off their hats and put one hand over their heart.

The United States flag is the third oldest of the national standards of the world. The colors of the flag include red, which is for valor, zeal and fervency; white for hope, purity and cleanliness of life; and blue, the color of the heavens for reverence to God, loyalty, sincerity and justice and truth. The star is the constellation of the stars within the union; one star for each state. The name Old Glory was given to the national flag in 1831 by Capt. William Driver.

The flag should never touch the ground or be flown upside down. The flag should always be placed to the right of a speaker or staging area. The flag should be displayed outdoors only between sunrise and sunset, unless it is illuminated by a spotlight.

The ceremony leaders said showing pride and respect to the flag is important, because it is a symbol of the country.