Belington Community Yard Sale set

Every spring we tear our houses apart dusting and sorting and organizing in order to clear away the winter clutter. In the end we usually find ourselves surrounded by a pile of “stuff” we do not really want to keep but cannot justify simply throwing away. These are the items that make possible the ever-popular yard sale.

The Belington Revitalization Committee and ON TRAC Promotion Team are currently organizing the 4th Annual Belington Community Wide Yard Sale for Saturday.

A yard sale is the ultimate example of “one man’s trash” becoming “another man’s treasure” and a great example of reusing and recycling.

For the shoppers, yard-sales offer the chance to find a bargain or some special item that they did not even know they were looking for. Shoppers have a chance to enjoy the sunshine and smell the flowers. The weather is nice and people are eager to get out of their houses and enjoy the company of others. Yard sales provide a social opportunity as well as an economic one.

For the sellers, yard sales allow them to let go of underused or unused items that they may otherwise hold onto. Sellers clear their homes and storage spaces of clutter and make some extra spending money in the process.

Either way you look at it, yard-sales are an important part of our social network. Please be sure to come and help support the local economy by participating as either a buyer or a seller.