Foundation announces scholarships

The Tucker Community Foundation is distributing scholarship awards totaling $58,500 to students from six counties.

Scholarships are based on a competitive application process. Endowed funds and unrestricted income managed by the foundation provide funding for the annual awards.

Tucker Community Foundation Endowed Fund Scholarship awards were given to the following:

Doug and Betty Preble Scholarship, $1,000, Samantha Burns, Tucker County, animal science/nutrition

Dr. Mary Alice Klein Scholarship, $1,500, Mary Noland, Preston County, elementary education

Enos, Delbert H. and Shirley W. Carr Scholarship, $1,500, Kristin Ritter, Tucker County, pharmacy

Forrest G. Clark Scholarship, $1,000, Jessy Vandevender, Tucker County, doctorate of veterinary medicine

Fraternal Order of Eagles Scholarship, $1,500, Jordan Delsignore, Tucker County, nursing

Gary E. Wilson Scholarship, $500, George Garrett, Tucker County, A Beka

Gary E. Wilson Scholarship, $500, Paul Garrett, Tucker County, A Beka

TCF General Scholarship, $1,000, Steven Sponaugle, Tucker County, nursing/biology

TCF General Scholarship, $500, Colleen Webley, Randolph County, radiologic technology

TCF General Scholarship, $1,500, Shane Catlett, Preston County, computer engineering

TCF General Scholarship, $1,000, Cassandra Liston, Preston County, chemistry

TCF General Scholarship, $250, Kala Honaker, Pocahontas County, veterinarian technology

TCF General Scholarship, $250, Maria Friend, Garrett County, bachelor degree /nursing

TCF General Scholarship, $750, Gerald Furby III, Barbour County, biology/pre-med

George W. and Marjorie H. Walburn Memorial Scholarship, $1,000, Ricky Simmons, Tucker County, computer science

H. Max Price Scholarship, $2,500, Ashlen Ward, criminology

Harold W. and Ruth F. Shaffer Scholarship, $750, Danielle Bible, Tucker County, education

Harold W. and Ruth F. Shaffer Scholarship, $750, Nicholas Akins, Tucker County, chemistry

Harry and Elizabeth Boyce Scholarship, $1,500, Adrianna Bowley, Tucker County, nurse practitioner

Herbert W. Clarkson Scholarship, $750, Michael Adkins, Tucker County, industrial engineering

Herbert W. Clarkson Scholarship, $750, Dakotah Nelson, Tucker County, graphic design

Jillian Roberts and Matilde Villalobos Millennium Scholarship, $1,000, Amber Evans, Tucker County, education

Joseph R. Steffl Scholarship, $750, Tyson Currence, Randolph County, biochemistry

Joseph R. Steffl Scholarship, $750, Shanna Carr, Pocahontas County, biochemistry

Joyce Colbert Veterinary Scholarship, $1,500, Katelyn Gnegy, Garrett County, animal science/veterinary

Kep and Alice Smith Scholarship, $4,000, Shelby Anderson,Tucker County, pre-pharmacy

Kep and Alice Smith Scholarship Four-Year, $2,000, Daniele Wilfong, Tucker County, criminology/pre-law

Madeline R. and Lester E. Miller Scholarship, $1,000, Travis Harper, Tucker County, general studies/medical

Margaret Ann and James A. Grafton Scholarship, $1,000, Katie Clevenger, Tucker County, occupational therapy

Martha C. Sponaugle Scholarship, $1,000, Angela Bohon, Tucker County, nursing

Michael Shahan Scholarship, $1,500, Bradley Shaffer, Tucker County, undeclared

Orr Family Scholarship, $1,000, Heather Eye, Tucker County, health sciences/PA

P.L. and Elizabeth Cook Milkint Scholarship, $7,500, Christopher May, Preston County, music education

Parsons High School Alumni Scholarship, $1,500, Sharee Thomas, Tucker County, biology

Rebecca Ann Chenoweth Memorial Scholarship, $3,500, Seth Rader, Tucker County, exercise physiology

Robert W. Minear Jr. Memorial Scholarship, $1,000, Cassandra Fultz, Preston County, elementary education

Ryan Gosa Memorial Scholarship, $1,125, Joshua Evans, Tucker County, Math ED/chemistry

Ryan Gosa Memorial Scholarship, $1,125, Laurel Baker, Garrett County, graphic web design

W. Denzel and Ernestine A. Kee Scholarship, $1,000, Derek Nestor, Tucker County, physical therapy

Walter and Mary Shaffer Helmick Scholarship, $1,000, Lyndsey Nestor, Tucker, doctor of pharmacy

West Virginia Culinary Scholarship, $500, John Messer, Tucker County, culinary arts

Kep and Alice Smith Scholarship Four-Year Second Year, $2,000, Melissa Carr

Kep and Alice Smith Scholarship Four-Year Last Year, $2,000, Lee Falls