FRN seeking board members

The Randolph County Family Resource Network (FRN) is currently seeking members of the Randolph County community to serve as members of their board of directors.

Randolph County FRN is a nonprofit organization that is made up of family representatives, community volunteers and local, state and federal agencies such as clubs, churches and businesses. Board members meet once a month, on the third Wednesday to discuss projects, problems and solutions to help better serve the residents of the county. There is no cost to become a member of the board of directors.

The FRN collaborates with other agencies and families in the county to solve problems that are bigger than any one agency. Examples of this collaboration are transportation through the Country Roads Transit, Randolph/Tucker Children’s Advocacy Center, Girls on the Run and the Randolph County America’s Promise Coalition, your local substance abuse prevention coalition.

Interested persons may write a letter of interest to the Randolph County Family Resource Network explaining why they would like to become a member of the board and what they can bring to the table that would help the citizens of the community. Letters of interest are due to the FRN office by June 17 and can be mailed to P.O. Box 689 Elkins, WV 26241.

If you would have further questions about the FRN and its involvement with the community and/or the board of directors please feel free to contact staff at 304-636-4454.