FRN to host basketball tournaments

Randolph County Family Resource Network and America’s Promise Coalition will host the Bounce out Hunger Middle and High School Basketball Tournaments.

The goal of the tournaments is to not only give area youth the opportunity to play a sport they love but to help the organizations raise funding for substance abuse prevention activities throughout the county, while helping boost donations to the school back pack program.

With recent cuts in substance abuse prevention funding, the group has decided to host two basketball tournaments during the summer months. The entry fee will be used to ensure that substance abuse prevention continues within the schools and throughout the county in the form of educational programs and activities and community trainings on various substances of abuse.

Tournament admission fees will be donations of nonperishable food items. The items will then be donated to the First United Methodist Church in Elkins, which is the sponsor for the counties book bag feeding program.

Every Friday, book bags full of nonperishable items are placed in students’ lockers who are in need of food for the weekend or school break. Upon return to school, the book bag is placed back into the student’s locker and collected by volunteers.

The program has been a huge success and has continued to grow throughout the 2012-2013 school year. Suggested nonperishable food items are: peanut butter, crackers, drinks, small snacks, pudding and Jell-O cups, ravioli, granola and snack bars, oatmeal, fruit cups and shelf milk. Please try and donate soups and other canned goods with a pop open top.

Tournaments will be June 29-30 at Harman School in Harman with registration due by June 21; and July 20-21 at Tygarts Valley Middle/High in Mill Creek with registration due by July 12.

Teams are guaranteed at least two games per tournament with an entry fee of $100 per tournament. There will be two separate categories for each tournament, middle school, sixth- through eighth-grade as of 2012-2013 school year and high school, ninth- through 12th-grade as of 2012-2013 school year.

Organizers are currently looking for a location in Elkins to host a third tournament. More information will be released at a later date.

For more information about the Bounce out Hunger Middle and High School Basketball Tournaments or to register teams, call the FRN office at 304-636-4454.