Psaltery reunion set for Adaland

Members of the community and surrounding areas enjoyed learning to play the psaltery, an ancient stringed instrument, at last year’s psaltery workshop, which was sponsored by Adaland Mansion and conducted by psaltery players and crafters Sherry and Bill Gainer.

Sherry Gainer and her husband, Bill, of Blue Door Psaltery of Portland, Tenn., will be consultants for the Psaltery Reunion at Adaland Mansion at Philippi.

The Gainers’ psaltery workshop last year was so successful, patrons asked for a reunion this year.

The workshop participants and all those who are interested in the psaltery are invited to a psaltery reunion at Adaland Mansion from 1 to 5 p.m. Monday and Tuesday. A $10 registration fee will cover light refreshments and individual assistance from the Gainers and from three local psaltery players, Jada Nelson and Betty Carr of Adaland and Jan Woodard.

The afternoon sessions will involve tuning the instrument, replacing strings, and joining in with others for group playing. It is designed for past workshop participants and for psaltery first-timers.

For more information and reservations, anyone interested can call 304-457-2415 or 304-457-1587.