Strawberry Festival Recipe winners announced

The West Virginia University Extension Office announced the winners of its annual Strawberry Festival Recipe Contest, which is sponsored by the Upshur County CEOS clubs.

The Queen’s Choice winner was Stephanie Santilli’s “Strawberry Cream Squares.” The King’s Choice went to Claudia Nuzum for “Strawberry Mousse.” The Teen’s Choice was awarded to Shirley Clevenger for “Strawberry Fields Cake,” and the President’s Choice went to Shania Cochran for “Strawberry Sensation.”

In the adult division, Shania Cochran took first place in the Appetizers category for her “Banana Split Bites.” Second place was awarded to Anne Sterneman for “Strawberry Cheese Dip.”

Shirley Spreaker took top honors in the Salads category for her “Strawberry Cheesecake Salad.”

In Cakes, Barbara Byrd took first place for “White Chocolate Fruit Tart,” and Shania Cochran took second place with “Strawberry Sensation Cake.” Shirley Clevenger was awarded third place for “Strawberry Fields No-Bake Cheesecake.”

Anne Sterneman took top honors in the Cookies category for “Shortcake Cookies.” Second place went to Hilda Ketterman for “Cottage Cheese Strawberry Cookies,” and third place went to Rachel Webber for “White Chocolate Strawberry Oatmeal Cookies.”

Claudia Nuzum won first place in the Pies category for “Strawberry Mousse Pie.” Second place went to Ann Sterneman for “Straw-Mazing Pie,” and third place went to Carolyn Blakemore for “Strawberry Rhubarb Sweetheart Pie.”

In the Others category, Rachel Webber took first place with “Strawberry Lemon Bars.” Second place went to Lora Osburn for “Hillbilly Americana,” and third place went to Barbara Byrd for “Family Tradition Strawberry Dessert.”

Stephanie Santilli took first place in the Youth Division for “Strawberry Cream Squares,” and Katherine Tenney was awarded second place for “Strawberry Mania Cake.”