Strawberry Festival winners announced

The West Virginia Strawberry Festival announced the winners of its CEOS and Quilters-At-Heart Quilt Show.

Best of Show: Rosemary Tombly, “Keyboard Kaleidoscope.” Longarm machine quilted category.

King’s Choice: Ann Mickle, “Poppies.” Longarm machine quilted category.

Queen’s Choice: Sherry Riley, “Double Irish Chain.” Longarm machine quilted category.

Teen’s Choice: Kay Wilson, “Satin Comforter.” Comforters category.

President’s Choice: Kay Wayts, “Snowmen.” Large wall hangings category.

People’s Choice: Mary Lee Welliver, “Back Yard Friends.” Hand applique category.

Judge’s Choice: Debra Woody Sampley, “Times and Seasons, Lighthouse #1.” Mixed techniques category.

Hand Applique: 1. Mary Lee Welliver; 2. Grace Materne.

Hand-pieced, Hand-quilted: 1. Sue Ann Waggy; 2. Fran Lawson and Annie Alborano.

Machine-pieced, Hand-quilted: 1. Helen Harter; 2. Rosemary Simons.

Machine-pieced, Amateur machine-quilted: 1. Bonnie Riffle.

Machine-pieced, Longarm-quilted: 1. Rosemary Tomblyn; 2. Sherry Riley; 3. Nancy Simmons, Donna Hammond.

Mixed techniques: 1. Debra Woody Sampley; 2. Robin Ball; 3. Samanna Peck, Camilla Hornbeck.

Embroidered: 1. Margaret Posey; 2. Betty Coughlin.

Baby/Child quilts: 1. Sharon Wyatt; 2. Ann Mickle; 3. Debbie Wilfong.

Quilt tops: No first, second. 3. Suzanne Myers.

Large wall hanging: 1. Tish Stemple; 2. Betty Puffenbarger; 3. Kay Wayts.

Medium wall hanging: 1. Linnea DiBiccari; 2. Betty Puffenbarger.

Miniature quilts: 1. Mary Ellen Lemons; 2. Barbara Campbell; 3. Betty Puffenbarger.

Comforters: 1. Caroline Peck.

Wearables and accessories: 1. Barbara Lane; 2. Bonnie Riffle.

Miscellaneous: 1. Linnea DiBiccari; 2. Kay Wilson; 3. Christine Helmick.

Quilts of Valor were awarded to local veterans Jason Dean and Michael Farnsworth.