SWA seeks full participation for proper trash disposal

Members of the Randolph County Solid Waste Authority are attempting to raise public awareness of the need for and benefits of proper solid waste disposal throughout Randolph County.

West Virginia’s mandatory disposal law – State Code 22C-4-10 – states in part that each person occupying a residence or operating a business establishment in West Virginia shall either: 1. subscribe to and use a solid waste collection service and pay fees established therefor; or 2. provide proper proof that said person properly disposes of solid waste at approved solid waste facilities or in any other lawful manner. The director of the Division of Environmental Protection shall promulgate rules pursuant to Chapter 29A of this code regarding an approved method of supplying such proper proof. A civil penalty of $150 shall be assessed to the person not abiding by this state code, in addition to unpaid fees for every year that a fee is not paid.

Of the approximately 11,000 households in Randolph County that are not included in Elkins or Beverly (that have their own trash hauling services), it is estimated that only 9,000 subscribe to a solid waste collection service or use a landfill for disposal of their trash. The remaining 2,000 households are either illegally disposing of their trash into a dumpster; doubling up with their neighbor or relative; throwing it over a hill; or burning it. These methods can hinder the tourism industry for Randolph County, contaminate its surface and groundwater supply and create breeding grounds for virus-carrying insects.

Each year, the Solid Waste Authority, in cooperation with other agencies, spends part of your tax dollars on county clean-up efforts. Much of the efforts go to abating trash nuisances created by those who do not properly dispose of their trash. Officials asked, wouldn’t it be better to use some of that effort and tax dollars to fund other worthwhile projects for the county? The cost of legal solid waste collection and disposal can be lowered when distributed among all households and businesses in Randolph County. There is no such thing as free trash disposal – someone is paying extra for those who do not.

The support and participation of all Randolph County businesses and residents will be key to keeping Randolph County a clean, beautiful and healthy place to live.