Pringle Tree CEOS hosts June meeting

The Pringle Tree CEOS Club held its regular monthly meeting June 5 at the Pleasant Valley United Methodist Church on Hacker’s Creek. President Julia Marple called the meeting to order at 1 p.m., with members giving the flag salute and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Anne Sterneman was in charge of devotions with a Scripture reading from Isaiah 43:1-5, and a reading titled “God’s Power Over Bullets,” followed by a prayer. Nine members answered the roll call given by Barbara Byrd, who also read the minutes from the last meeting. Patty Simons gave the treasurer’s report, reporting that our hot dog sale on Main Street during the Strawberry Horse and Carriage Parade Day was a success. The treasurer’s report was approved as read.

Patty also displayed the beautiful plant our club will present to club member Izola Marple, who is recuperating at home after a stay in Ruby Memorial Hospital at Morgantown. Izola is at home and experiencing a “miraculous” recovery, and we are so very thankful.

Julia reported our strawberry basket, which was created by Barbara Byrd, won second place and was purchased by Ed Arey of Hodgesville for $200. Our club will receive $100, and we extend our thanks to Ed Arey for buying our basket. Anne Sterneman and Barbara Byrd won ribbons for their entries in the Strawberry Recipe Contest. Anne got one blue ribbon and two red ribbons, Barbara got “Best of Show” chosen by the Strawberry Queen, one blue ribbon and one white ribbon.

Julia Marple was in charge of our lesson, which had a topic of “Welcome to Vietnam.” It was announced a reception will be held for the exchange student from Vietnam. The WVCEOS scholarship committee provided the way for her to continue to study at West Virginia University, to travel around West Virginia, to make friends and learn more about American life. Her goal is to become a math teacher. Then, if possible, she wants to study law and become a lawyer to help the Vietnamese people in America.

Luella Cvechko reported her granddaughter will be making a monthlong visit to the Republic of Vietnam. The Parish House luncheon on Sept. 6 was discussed, and the members decided to see if they could serve lunch on another day because that date is in conflict with the county CEOS Mini-Fair. A menu of ham salad and chicken salad sandwiches with Jello salad, chips and iced tea will be served.

The next meeting of our club will be our July family picnic, which will be held at the home of Luella and John Cvechko today starting at 6 p.m. You may invite your friends and family and bring a covered dish or a dessert.

August is reorganization month, and the meeting will be held at the Pleasant Valley Church for an afternoon meeting. Each one is to bring a finger food. Julia was the hostess for our June meeting and served delicious refreshments to Katrina Harris, Anne Sterneman, Deloris Smith, Rosemary Simons, Patty Simons, Iris McLain, Julia Marple, Luella Cvechko and Barbara Byrd. Patty Simons made the motion to adjourn, and Rosie Simons gave the second. The meeting adjourned.