W.Va.’s Largest Yard Sale accepting registrants for event

It’s that time again! The Upshur County Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Lewis County Convention and Visitors Bureau is now accepting registration forms for West Virginia’s Largest Yard Sale! To be held August 2-3, W.Va.’s Largest Yard Sale has become a favorite summer event. Visitors travel from all over the country including Indiana, Tennessee and throughout West Virginia to undertake the ultimate bargain hunt.

Registered yard sales are placed on the official yard sale map, which will be available online three to four weeks before the event, and also distributed to hotels, restaurants, shops, gas stations and visitor centers in the area. If you would like to register your yard sale, Upshur County residents can email the Upshur County CVB at info@VisitBuckhannon.org or call 304-473-1400. Lewis County residents can email the Lewis County CVB at tour@stonewallcountry.com or call 304-269-7328. The cost to participate is $10.

Continuing this year will be a raffle drawing for all registered Upshur County yard sales. Prizes donated for the raffle include items from Diane’s Hallmark, The Record Delta, Sam’s Pizza, the W.Va. Wildlife Center and others. Also, the winner of a grand prize raffle drawing for both Upshur and Lewis counties’ registered yard sales will be a Bed & Breakfast Package from Stonewall Resort.

To be eligible to win the prizes, participants must complete a registration form, pay the registration fee of $10 and submit both items to the Upshur County CVB or Lewis County CVB.

For more W.Va.’s Largest Yard Sale information, go to our website www.VisitUpshur.org and click the ‘Yard Sale’ icon. Mark your calendars and shop with W.Va.’s Largest Yard Sale.