Woman loses 42 pounds with TOPS

Take Off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS) member Vicky Reed was driving past Chapel Hill United Methodist Church in Buckhannon when she glanced at the parking lot outside Engle Hall where the local Buckhannon TOPS meet weekly.

She was going out to eat, but instead pulled into the parking lot and entered the hall. She had been a TOPS member before and had appreciated the support she received in her quest for weight loss. She felt that she needed that support again.

She rejoined TOPS Jan. 8 and has lost 42 pounds. When asked how she lost the weight, Vicky replied, “I felt that I needed the support and friendly atmosphere that TOPS members provide. I did not diet, but I made a lifestyle change. I watch my portions and gave up greasy fried foods. Returning to TOPS was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

TOPS Chapter 98 is a nonprofit weight loss support group formed in Buckhannon in 1971 under the direction of chapter leader Harriet Haymond. TOPS encourages sensible eating through programs, special speakers and rap sessions. Support for each member is encouraged.

TOPS stresses that there are no easy fixes or secrets in the quest for weight loss. Of course, there are no secrets to weight loss. If there was one, the person knowing it would make a fortune selling it to everyone. As Vicky Reed learned, the road to lasting weight loss takes time, effort, encouragement and a lasting lifestyle change.