Broaddus Hospital donates first-aid kits to 4-H group

A number of Barbour County youth recently benefited from a generous act by Broaddus Hospital.

Members of the Mountaineer 4-H Club received 24 first-aid kits that they were able to take with them on a special guided hiking trip at Adaland Mansion. Not only did Dr. Mark Farnsworth, M.D., help secure the first-aid kits, he and his wife, Sherry, served as guides for the hike.

“It’s vitally important that we instill healthy habits in our young people, and the physical activities associated with 4-H groups like the Mountaineer Club are a great way to do that,” Farnsworth said. “We’re happy to reach out to our community and help them experience the outdoors and get great exercise at the same time.”

Farnsworth, an emergency department physician and hospitalist at Broaddus, is active in a number of 4-H activities.

As people spend time in the great outdoors of the Mountain State, it’s important that they have the basics to take care of minor injuries that might occur. Whether it’s a small cut, bee sting or sprain, the items in the first-aid kits can help keep people safer until further medical attention is sought.

Helping hands are part of a two-way street when it comes to the Mountaineer 4-H Club and Broaddus Hospital. The 4-H youth make multiple visits each year to Mansfield Place, the skilled nursing facility that is part of the Broaddus Healthcare Complex.

“We’re fortunate to have such a great relationship that truly benefits both parties,” said Beryl Curkendall, leader of the 4-H Club. “The students learn from their elders, and they bring a wonderful energy to our older neighbors.”

Broaddus Hospital is the main component of the Broaddus Healthcare Complex. Many Barbour County natives have built and grown their health care careers at Broaddus Hospital so that they are there for their friends, neighbors and loved ones in sickness and in health. By offering diagnostic and therapeutic services, wellness and preventive opportunities, Broaddus Hospital’s commitment to truly caring for the community is ever-growing.

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