D&E to provide one-stop shop for student services

Taking care of business just got a whole lot easier for Davis & Elkins College students. The relocation of several offices to Liberal Arts Hall now provides a one-stop shop for student services.

“It’s all here,” said D&E Vice President for Student Affairs Scott Goddard. “They can come to Liberal Arts and knock out their IDs and parking passes, stop by the Registrar’s Office to check on their schedules, check in with financial planning across the hall, and then head upstairs to Career Management and the business office to take care of what they need to accomplish there.”

In mid-summer, office staff packed up their belongings and made their moves to new offices in order to make the flow of services more convenient for students.

“It provides better service to the students and better organization for the students,” Goddard said. “Plus, a lot of these offices share information, so eventually we may get to the point where we can cross-train.”

The first floor of Liberal Arts Hall now houses: Academic Affairs, 106; Chaplain, 102; Financial Planning, 108; International Student Services, 111; Safety and Security, 102; Student Life, 102; and Registrar, 103.

The second floor of Liberal Arts Hall now includes: Business Office, 201; Career Services and Student Employment, 210; Student Accounts, 202; Human Resources, 203; and Institutional Research, 205B.

In addition, the entire Education Department is now located on the third floor of Liberal Arts.