Heavner CEOS conducts luncheon, meeting

The Heavner Grove CEOS Club met Aug. 14 at the Mount Rupert United Methodist Church in the Eldon Tenney Fellowship Hall. Judy Haddix, the hostess, prepared and served a light luncheon for the members.

After the luncheon, President Shirley Warner called the meeting to order with the group salute to the American Flag. Hilda Ketterman, a devotion leader, read Psalm 139, a reading called “Waiting,” and the group prayed together. Secretary Sharon Carr called the roll. Each member answered with their volunteer hours for the year. The minutes prepared by former secretary Helen Lantz were read and approved. Treasurer Eloise Tenney gave a financial report.

It was reported that Helen Lantz and Eloise Tenney attended the Upshur County CEOS Council meeting held July 11 at the Lorentz Community Building. Elaine Wright and Eloise Tenney attended Learn and Return on July 16.

Warner announced that 11 blankets and quilts will be delivered to the Upshur County Head Start program from the Club. She also reported that the club would set up a window using the theme “Angels Among Us” on Aug. 30 at Miller’s Pharmacy for the Upshur County CEOS Club Week

Fourth-quarter money was collected for the Upshur Parish House.

The club members were led by Warner in club reorganization for the 2013 year. Officers, committee leaders, hostesses and lesson leaders were chosen and will be published at a later date.

Joyce Zirkle will preside over the November meeting and Elaine Wright over the October meeting, since former co-president, Eloise Tenney, is now the club treasurer.

Winnie Hoover prepared several cards for the club to send to selected club members and community members for a variety of reasons.

Sharon Carr, the health motivator, presented health facts about strawberries, blueberries and squash, while the club members tasted samples of the two types of fresh fruit. The club members then worked out using some new stretching exercises.

Winnie Hoover quizzed the club members on current events. The answers, informative and often amusing, were 100 percent correct.

Hilda Ketterman shared two of her recently completed paintings with the club. Several members showed their quilts and blankets prepared for Head Start.

Warner announced that the next meeting will be at noon on Wednesday, Sept. 11 in the Mount Rupert United Methodist Church’s Eldon Tenney Fellowship Hall with Eloise Tenney serving as the hostess, and Elaine Wright as the lesson leader.

In addition to those previously mentioned, the following were in attendance: Mary Dagley, Ima Jean Goodwin, Anna Jean Kelly, Catherine Light, Letha Light, Terry Morrison, Mildred White, Gloria Wright, guest/prospective member Wilma Jamison and Sharon Carr.