Schools to accomodate dietary needs

Accommodations in meal services are available for Randolph County School students with special dietary needs. Schools will make substitutions in foods for students with dietary needs who are unable to consume the regular meal because of medical or other special dietary needs.

These meals/substitutions will be provided at no additional charge, or free or reduced to those with free and/or approved reduced price applications on file.

Schools require parents/guardians of children with or without a disability who have need of special meals to provide medical certification that 1) verifies special meals are needed because of the child’s disability or medical condition and 2) describe the alternate foods and forms of foods needed to meet the child’s special dietary needs.

Substitutions will be made on a case-by-case basis. A physician must sign the statement. Your school can provide forms 126-85-113 and WVDE – ADM – 47 for the physician to complete. Schools must have a current (updated yearly) physician’s statement on file before they can begin serving a special diet. Contact your school immediately to inform them of any special diet of food allergies or other needs. For further information, please contact the school nurse.