Volunteers pitch in to repair cemetery

Trustees and volunteers of the Leading Creek (Montrose) Primitive Baptist and IOOF Cemetery recently spent three days replacing fencing and cleaning the historic cemetery.

After three days of hard physical work at the Leading Creek Primitive Baptist and IOOF Cemetery in Montrose, eight trustees and volunteers completed the replacement of 80 feet of fencing in the back section of the cemetery along Wilmoth Road. This was part of their three working days at the cemetery prior to their annual meeting at the Hampton Inn.

Following a busy three days of putting up the new fencing, clearing limbs and debris caused by storm damage, clearing and spraying fence lines, etc., the group removed old decorations, placed new signs to mark rows in Area 5 in the new section of the cemetery and left the cemetery in good order.

Later, seven trustees met to consider all aspects of the financial needs of the cemetery as well as its continuing maintenance. Trustees and volunteers that were present included Velden B. “Benny” Linn II, chairman, Cindy and Emily DeMotto, Harold Gainer, Lovell Greathouse of Roswell, Ga., Brenda House, Marty Linn, secretary, Bob Wilmoth, treasurer, Ronnis Hart of Hurricane and Robert Hart of Sissonville.

Chairman Benny Linn reiterated the goal of the trustees “to maintain this historic cemetery for the next 100 years,” and he invited Lovell Greathouse to give a short summation of the historical background of the cemetery and thanked all trustees for their dedication and hard work.

The minutes, prepared by Secretary Marty Linn, were distributed and approved unanimously. Wilmoth, treasurer, noted that the cost for mowing in 2012 was kept at $2,475 and thanked Trevor Murphy and his father, Jack Murphy, for their consistently good work in doing all the necessary mowing.

Sharon Bedford, auditor, had e-mailed her report for 2012 to executive committee members and provided a review of the checking, savings and CD accounts, and it was noted by Bob Wilmoth, treasurer, that the report was in good order.

Cindy DeMotto stated that she was contacted two times concerning burials in the cemetery. She also noted there had been a burial in Area 2 of the old section of the cemetery.

Everyone agreed that there is a definite need for work to be done on stone reconstruction, and Linn will contact Joe Godwin regarding this matter since Godwin was unable to attend the meeting.

Although Beth Kittle was unable to be present, she had stated that she would prepare an article for the local newspaper regarding the work done this year and the continuing need for volunteers and especially the need for additional financial support for the ongoing work at the cemetery. She will emphasize that anyone wishing to donate to the work of the cemetery may send a check made out to the Leading Creek (Montrose) Primitive Baptist and IOOF Cemetery to Bob Wilmoth, at 110 High Street, Elkins WV 26241.

Linn indicated that it is still the policy of the committee to use only the interest earned on CDs for cemetery upkeep, but a part of future donations may have to go directly into maintenance due to low interest rates.

Marty Linn reported that the fundraiser for 2012 had gone well and the project is continuing to receive donations. She distributed a listing of addresses to be reviewed for any needed corrections.

The leveling of the graves was addressed again as a future project. It was suggested and discussed that next year’s spring project would be cleaning of algae from the grave stones.

Linn thanked everyone for their consistent hard work prior to the annual meeting and made a motion for adjournment which was seconded and approved. The next meeting is scheduled for May 17, 2014, with work days on May 16- 17, 2014. Time and location will be determined at a later date.