EHS FFA teaches fourth-graders about agriculture

Elkins High School FFA students taught fourth-graders about agriculture at Agriculture Education Day at the Randolph County Fair Friday, Sept. 6.

“How many eggs do you think a person eats a year?” Jimmy Jester asked and was met with a chorus of various answers, from 20 to 2,000! By the time the youngsters left Jester’s station, they knew most people in the U.S. eat about 250. After a short discussion about other birds that lay eggs and which ones we consume, they had an egg race.

A study recently uncovered a new angle on learning. If a child is taught a concept, then engages in physical activity, they remember the lesson better. EHS FFA members combined lessons and physical activities to encourage learning about agriculture.

The younger children learned what bread was made from and what equipment was used to harvest wheat at this station before having a wheel barrow race.

“Did you know most people eat about 57 pounds of chicken? That’s maybe 27 chickens! What other birds do we eat?” Kris Cooper, a first year FFA member, asked.

“How big is a duck? What color can they be? How do they walk?” Abbie Williams asked and off the kids went to walk down the field and back with a balloon between their knees, waddling like ducks.

FFA member Abby Jones was a tour guide for a group of children, visiting all the station set up for the kids.