Local health guru wins top prize in logo contest

When Donna Ruston moved to West Virginia, she was impressed with the high values system of the citizens but noticed right away that the town of Philippi was lacking health and fitness amenities. When the nonprofit ministry she works with, Women of Promise, received a donation of exercise equipment, Integrity Fitness was born.

She is the volunteer director of Integrity Fitness which aims to invigorate the body, mind and spirit. In order to promote this endeavor she entered a do-it-yourself logo contest at “http://www.logogarden.com”>www.logogarden.com and won top prize and $1,000!

“I knew because of my background in public relations that I needed a professional image to portray who we are and I simply didn’t have the funds to pay an artist to develop a logo for us,” Ruston said. “When I found www.logogarden.com I thought, ‘I can do this!’ Entering the contest was great publicity for our gym.”

Integrity Fitness is a gym for women who may not normally work out or for ones that don’t want to drive 25 miles to the nearest “big gym.” They plan to offer educational programs, various kinds of aerobic classes, small group Bible studies focusing on health, relationship building activities, craft making and walking groups.

“That is the beauty of a small community; good old-fashioned fellowship is a powerful tool to improve one’s health in every sense of the word,” Ruston said. “I am pleased to say we have more and more ladies showing up and interested in joining every week. Entering the logo contest and gathering the 255 votes took a full Facebook campaign and really got people talking about this new thing on Main Street!”

Her husband’s ministry, New Vision Renewable Energy, produces highly efficient, small, light-weight and cost-effective solar lights for use in developing countries and domestic emergency situations. Integrity Fitness will receive a donation from New Vision on behalf of women who opt to help make these lights, in order to supplement the monthly fee. Integrity Fitness is a truly authentic grass roots endeavor.

“LogoGarden.com is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs like Donna Ruston to achieve their business dreams, often on shoestring budgets.” said LogoGarden CEO John Williams. “Their entrepreneurial spirit is part of what makes America great. We’re glad to support and enable it.”