Barbour County author releases first book

Barbour County resident and writer Thelma White is about to release her first book, “The Pentateuch: Acts and Revelation.”

Have you ever begun to read the Bible and given up in despair, because you could not understand what you were reading about? If so, this first-time author’s book was designed with you in mind. You will find help in understanding the difficult words and phrases written in the Bible, as well as studying chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse, and trying to make the questions of the readers of the Bible more easy to understand.

This book covers the first five books of the Bible, known as The Pentateuch. The book also covers the book of Acts, as well as the book of Revelation. It has taken White more than 13 years to gather and research the information contained in this book. This book also contains charts, maps, diagrams and pictures that will enlighten Bible study.

Remember that old saying, “That one picture is worth a thousand words.” Readers also will find true events from White’s own life, that may make you laugh, as well as make you shed tears of sorrow. There are joyful moments – and even angry moments as White discloses some of the false man made-doctrines, which are being taught by thousands of well-meaning Bible teachers.

It is the earnest hope of White that as you read this book, you will do so with an open mind, an open heart, to learn the truth, and above all have an open Bible, to study and read.