Belington Medical Clinic ready to educate, enroll new patients

Beginning in October 2013, there is a new way to find a quality health insurance plan that fits your needs and your budget through the new West Virginia Health Insurance Marketplace. All plans must cover the care you need, including doctor visits, hospital stays, preventive care, prescriptions and more.

Low-cost and free plans are available, and financial help is available based on how much money you make. No one can be denied coverage because they have a pre-existing condition. There is no sales pitch or fine print, just side-by-side comparisons of each plan. In addition to the health insurance marketplace, Medicaid health coverage will be available to anyone who lives in West Virginia, is a U.S. citizen, is under age 65, and earns less that 138 percent of the federal poverty level.

Belington Medical Clinic is prepared to assist uninsured patients with the enrollment process for both the enhanced Medicaid program and the W.Va. Health Insurance Marketplace. We employ staff that has been trained as certified application counselors to guide people through the application. Health center staff will also be conducting community outreach programs to provide information about the new health insurance options.

Across the state, health centers serve as a medical home to 379,702 West Virginians and care for 91,000 uninsured people. There are more than 240 health center locations in West Virginia. To learn more about the new health insurance options available to you, call Connie Williams at 304-823-2176.

Individuals seeking additional information and linking them to a health center close to their home can also contact the West Virginia Primary Care Association at 1-877-WV-HTLH.