Forest Festival announces10K race winners

The following results are from the Mountain State Forest Festival 10K Race:

Overall male: First place, Matt Bright; second place, Shane Ickes; third place, Derek Bolyard. Overall female: first place, Marie Bolyard; second place, Rebecca Schoonover; third place, Ariel Valentine.

Masters: female, first place, Blanca Skaggs; male, first place, Todd Schoonover. Wheelchair division, first place, Matt Sponaugle. First place by age: 19 and under: Mason Clark and Lexie Morici; age 20-29, Justin Findley and Krystal Bailey; age 30-39, Matthew Perry and Sarah Forbes; age 40 to 49, Randy Markley and Jenna Gongola; age 50 to 59, Michael Stennes and Chris Storrick; age 60 and over, Dan Lehman and Mary Boyd.