Backyard Outfitters to open in Elkins

ELKINS – Backyard Outfitters, Inc,. a company that sells utility buildings, garages and barns, is poised to open on Country Club Road in Elkins.

Backyard Outfitters is a chain based out of Tennessee, with outlets throughout West Virginia. Each individual location is privately owned.

The Elkins location is owned by Ervin Wagler of Wagler Enterprises, and focuses on creating Mennonite-built storage buildings, garages, barns and furniture. Swings and play sets may also be added to the list of available items if clientele requests it.

“Quality is our goal, these are locally built.” Wagler said. The family hand-builds the structures in Beverly.

A grand opening is set for Saturday, Dec. 7 at the business site. Coffee and refreshments will be available, and one of their buildings will be raffled off as a door prize. Part of the proceeds of the raffle will be given to a local food bank, Wagler said.

The hours of operation will be 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. All buildings on site will be open at all times, however, so they are able to be viewed, inside and out, even when staff is not available. Brochures highlighting the available products can be found inside the buildings.

The structures can be purchased outright or through a rent-to-own program. The rent-to-own program requires the first month’s payment and a security deposit for the unit to be delivered. The unit will be set up and they will make sure the unit is level at no additional charge.

Delivery is free up to 30 miles (one way) from the purchase location. Distances over 30 miles fees start at $2 per mile. All purchases come with a five-year warranty.

Wagler has been building the structures for three months but has been in the barn business for decades.

“I’ve been self-employed and in the business for 20-plus years,” Wagler said. “I’ve made gazebos and barns.”

Wagler builds the structures with the help of his wife, Mary Ellen, and sons, Larry, Daryl and Wendall. Backyard Outfitters is fully staffed but there is “always a possibility that they would be looking for another builder,” said Karen Gardner, receptionist and sales representative.

“I know its a good product. I saw one built and I have one myself,” Gardner said.