Car donation benefits seniors

The Barbour County Senior Center is participating in the Meals on Wheels Car Donation Program. The program accepts all cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, regardless of the condition of the vehicles. Towing is free to the donor.

All vehicles that are donated to the program must have a clean title. Donors wanting to donate their vehicle may call the toll free line at 1-888-MOW-KAR1, (1-888-669-5271), when calling they must have the title in hand as information is needed from the title while accepting the donation.

Once the donation is accepted, the program’s representative will assign the vehicle to a local auction company. The local towing company will be in contact with the donor to arrange pickup of the vehicle. Normally, vehicles are picked up within one to two business days. Once the program office receives notification of the pickup, a formal receipt will be sent to the donor.

When the vehicle is sold, the auction facility will then forward all the sales information to the program office. A letter will be processed, along with the IRS 1098C to the donor indicating the sale amount of the vehicle. A check will be issued directly from the program to the Barbour County Senior Center.

Your participation in this program will help provide funds for the Barbour County Senior Center’s nutrition program.