City passes ordinance

A maintenance ordinance that will provide an easier way for the Philippi code enforcement officer to enforce other ordinances adopted by Philippi City Council will soon be enacted.

A public hearing, prior to the second and final reading of the code, passed by without commentary from members of the public Tuesday. The code will take effect 30 days after its passage date.

“This is a code that will allow our code enforcement officer to be able to enforce the items, such as the weed ordinance and dilapidated building ordinance,” Mayor Jerry Mouser said.

Last month, Mouser told The Inter-Mountain that the current code enforcement officer, Bill Annon, did not pass his certification exam required for the enforcement of the existing building code.

The maintenance ordinance differs from the building code in that it does not require the code enforcement officer to perform building inspections. It does not, however, make the code enforcement officer exempt from passing a certification exam. The code enforcement officer must pass a different exam.

“It (the maintenance ordinance) is not as cumbersome as the building code itself which requires a building inspector which we do not have,” Mouser said. “I believe it’s not as cumbersome as the existing one.”