Teter CEOS conducts November meeting

Teter CEOS met Thursday, Nov. 21, at the home of Cathy DeBar, where she and cohostess Annette Brake served lunch to Judy Beer, Carol Biser, Dale Ann Curry, Joyce DeBarr, Shelia Dowell, Vonnie Hager, Joyce Hoover, Millie Hornbeck, Debbie Kittle, Janet Smith, Jerry Stankus, Pat Strader, Iris Mae Swecker and Justine Woody.

Following lunch, President Cathy DeBarr called the meeting to order. Judy Beer led the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. Shelia Dowell led devotions using Thanksgiving as her theme with a reading called, “Lest we forget.” She said she was thankful for friends who serve others and herself.

Minutes and the treasurer’s reports were given and placed on file.

Cathy and the group expressed sadness for the loss of faithful member and friend Edith Mae Logsdon, who died Oct. 30. Betty Oldaker, Caroline Carpenter, Vic and Cathy DeBarr attended services for her at Rock Cave.

Debbie Kittle made the Christmas ornament for the contest. Ornaments were on display at the First Community Bank.

Committee reports are ready to turn in. Betty Oldaker, Pat Strader, Joyce DeBarr and Cathy DeBarr will have them in by Nov. 30.

Janet Smith and Debbie Kittle went to Morgantown Nov. 7 to take many items to the Rosebaum house.

Judy Beer, Carol Biser, Millie Hornbeck and Jerry Stankus went to play bingo with residents at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Janet Smith, Justine Woody and Joyce DeBarr with help from Burl Smith cleaned up trash around the recycle bins in October.

Millie Hornbeck made a motion that we remember our shut-ins at Thanksgiving and Christmas; Joyce Hoover seconded the motion, which passed. It will be decided what is best to take to them, and members will visit them.

We will continue to bring birthday cards for everyone who has birthdays in that month.

Joyce DeBarr turned in the report of books read in the past year by the members of the club. More than 500 books were read by club members.

History and awards reports need to be at the Extension Office by Jan. 30.

The Christmas meeting will be held today at the Episcopal Church Hall. It will be a covered dish dinner with Betty Oldaker, Caroline Carpenter and Cheryl Gaunt hosting. If you want to exchange a gift, please bring one that costs $15.

Door prizes were won by Justine Woody, Janet Smith and Pat Strader. Following the meeting, members were treated to a tour of the DeBarrs home where we saw the beautiful cross stitch and quilted heirlooms made by Cathy and Victor.

Each member present received a turkey recipe.