Trip helps with typhoon relief

PHILIPPI – Alderson Broaddus University administrators, during a business trip to the Philippines in late November, were able to help with relief in the wake of Typhoon Yolanda.

AB, with the help of the Student Government Association (SGA), raised $300 in donations to purchase rice for typhoon survivors.

SGA collected donations at the Battler football game versus Cumberland University on Nov. 16.

SGA President Caleb Villers said, “It was great to see the response of fans and their willingness to help out the Philippines.”

Dr. Richard Creehan, Alderson Broaddus University president, Dr. Joan Propst, provost/executive vice president for academic affairs, and Lesa Jordan, assistant professor of nursing and director of the Transnational Nursing Program originally planned their trip to Manila, Philippines, to meet with AB’s affiliate Arellano University Administration in the International Nursing Program to go over the program’s parameters as well as to meet with embassy


Currently, AB is exploring the program for options. The program started in 2010, and 14 students have completed their degrees in completed their degrees in international nursing.

The program prepares students to be licensed as professional nurses in the United States and other areas of the world.

Arellano students who enroll in the program complete the first three years of their work in Manila, with the opportunity to complete the last phase of their education on AB’s campus.

Regarding the international commute, Propst said, “You can’t possibly make the connection without the travel.”

Through this partnership, students are admitted to AU under AB’s admissions standards and must maintain AB’s academic standards in order to remain in the program. Arellano University is a practical match, because like AB, it has a rich history in nursing and has the oldest and largest baccalaureate nursing program in the Philippines.

Even after the typhoon hit Tacloban, the trip was scheduled to go on as planned, seizing the opportunity to help yhose affected by the disaster. AB presented the donation to Samaritana, a women’s home in Manila that AB made connections with through Philippi Baptist Church.

Debbie Mulneix, a member of Philippi Baptist Church, who was doing mission work with Samaritana helped facilitate the typhoon relief donation. According to Propst, collecting money came as a secondary goal but made a big impact.

“The funds that AB collected will help to keep families together as they heal and rebuild their homes and their lives,” said Mulneix.