Upshur DBSA hears about addiction to medicine

The Upshur County Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) welcomed special speaker Bo Waddell to their December meeting. Waddell is an addictions recovery coach from Buckhannon who works at the Hall Neighbors House in the Addictions Recovery Program.

Waddell explained how a person becomes addicted to pain medications and may require special help at a recovery clinic.

Waddell said clinics can decrease a person’s dependence on pain killers and, with the help of substitute medications, eliminate a desire for the pain killers.

The clinics also provide counseling and medical services.

Persons seeking help through the clinics must prove they are able and willing to undergo treatment and must agree to participate in a weekly program after


The program is not free or cheap, but Waddell said it’s minimal when compared to the costs associated with the lying, stealing and cheating involved in feeding a drug habit.

The DBSA chapter also held its Christmas party. Pizza was donated by Domino’s Pizza, and gift certificates from local businesses such as Subway, the Donut Shop and Wal-Mart were given to lucky winners.

DBSA is a non-profit organization with 10 chapters in West Virginia. DBSA Upshur County meets at 6:30 p.m. on the second Monday of each month. Meetings are free and run by a trained volunteer.

For more information call Diana Thompson at 304-472-1947 or email