Wesleyan students awarded Herndon fellowships

Two West Virginia Wesleyan College students, Jessicah Cross of Buckhannon and La’Tiyah Stone of Rockford, Ill., have been awarded Judith A. Herndon Fellowships for the West Virginia Legislature’s 2014 session.

Herndon fellowships are internships sponsored by the Legislature to instruct undergraduate students in the theory and operation of legislative bodies.

Only 10 students are selected for the fellowships each legislature session. Full-time students of all majors and disciplines from both public and private institutions of higher learning in West Virginia are eligible.

Cross and Stone will participate in the 60-day session as aides to legislators from either the Senate or the House. The interns will be required to perform research and various staff functions.

They also will gain an understanding of the politics of legislation, legislative research, bill drafting, the role and function of committees and the executive-legislative liaison.

Herndon, who died in 1980, was a native of Wheeling and practiced law with her father’s firm. During 10 years of legislative service, she was appointed to terms in both the West Virginia House of Delegates and Senate.

She was known for her voice of moderation and leadership in issues such as tax reform, sunset legislation and the protection of civil liberties.