EHS FFA cleans up Elkins

The Elkins High School FFA gathered together on a fall day to enjoy the weather and good company, as well as pick up trash along Route 33. The organization has had this stretch of the road for several years and takes pride in keeping it looking good.

“We wanted to get this done before the Forest Festival,” Cody Lawrence, leader of the cleanup crew said, “So we scheduled it the week before. A lot of traffic comes in this way.”

Eight members showed up to pick up trash over the more than three mile length. They do this twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring.

“I enjoyed doing the trash pickup,” Melissa Johnson said. “There was a lot of trash and I liked working with the other members. But it was cold.”

Several people passing by honked their car horns in encouragement as they passed the members in their attention getting orange vests.

“I’m very glad that FFA did something that left a positive impact and I was able to take part,” Kris Cooper said. “It was a bit tiring, but it made it look good and was worth it.”

The members and their advisor, Wendy Thurston, finished the community service day off with lunch at a nearby restaurant.