National Drug Facts Week begins Monday

ELKINS – Youth Health Service, Home Ties Strengthening Families Center, America’s Promise Coalition and area schools have teamed up to bring drug awareness to Randolph County children and teens.

National Drug Facts Week will be held this Monday through Friday with activities and events scheduled across the country that will encourage youth to examine their options when it comes to drug use, weigh out the consequences and rise above the influence to make healthy choices for a brighter future.

During the 2012 Pride Study conducted in Randolph County, children as young as 10 reported experimentation with alcohol. As they get older, the rate of experimentation and use in children and teens only increases.

In response to this startling trend, Youth Health Service, Home Ties Strengthening Families Center and America’s Promise Coalition have stepped up to get our youth more informed of the dangers of alcohol and drug use, and support healthy options. Parents and the community need to be aware of the signs and symptoms of use and where to go for help.

Youth Health Service has implemented the Options program to provide ongoing screening, brief intervention and support to youth faced with the pressures of drug and alcohol use.

Home Ties Strengthening Families Center provides parents with information on how to respond when they suspect their child is experimenting or using drugs and/or alcohol.

America’s Promise Coalition provides ongoing education and community outreach on the impact drugs have on our community as a whole; the organization was recently instrumental in the passing of a bath salts ordinance by the Randolph County


During National Drug Facts Week, children in area elementary schools will take part in a poster contest, interactive classroom presentations and be challenged to rise above the influence of drugs and alcohol. Area middle and high school students will receive education on the dangers of use and the lifelong implications of use.

For additional information on how you can get involved, find help or simply learn more, please contact: Sarah Adkins, YHS Options coordinator, at 304-636-9450; J.J. Johnson, Home Ties Strengthening Families Center coordinator, at 304-636-9450; or Rebecca Vance, America’s Promise Coalition, at 304-636-4454, or visit the National Drug Facts website at