St. Joseph’s receives perinatal awards

BUCKHANNON – St. Joseph’s Hospital in Buckhannon received two awards from the West Virginia Perinatal Partnership during the recent 2013 Perinatal Summit in Charleston.

The awards were presented by First Lady Joanne Jaeger Tomblin during a reception at the Governor’s Mansion.

The hospital received one award for “Hospitals Maintaining a Low C-section Rate Averaging 10 Percent or Lower, 2009-2012” and a second award for “Hospitals and Birthing Centers that Work to Support and Encourage Women in Breastfeeding by ‘Banning the Bag’ of Infant Formula Traditionally Given to Mothers.”

Dr. Kimberly Farry, with the Associates for Women’s Health at St. Joseph’s Hospital said, “Our goal at St. Joseph’s Hospital is to provide the best results for our mothers and their babies. Our staff is committed to the ideals of the