Elkins High School choir set to compete

The Elkins High School Vocal Ensemble will travel to Martinsburg for a Concert Choir Competition Friday. The choir is under the direction of Liz Marshall-MacVean and is accompanied by Deborah Super.

This is the choirs first competition trip under the group name of “Elkins High Vocal Ensemble.” The choir will be singing for adjudication and will perform the following selections: “Festival Sanctus” by John Leavitt -this song was sung in Latin, written for the International Choral Symposium at the University of Missouri-Kanas and will be sung in traditional Latin; next will be from the musical “Les Miserables” the song”Bring Him Home”; and they will conclude their adjudication process with “Gloria in Excelses Deo” from Antiono Vivaldi’s great work titled “Gloria.”

Marshall-MacVean states that “the choir has worked very hard the past couple years to re-build a choral program at Elkins High, following the 12 years of the EHS Madrigals whose program ended in 2007.

“We are looking forward to seeing where we rate among other high schools and this will definitely be a learning experience for the students.

“An adjudicated competition means that we will have to sing three musical selections and perform the music will the accuracy and precision that the original composers intended for their music to be performed.

“Typically in an adjudicated setting, there are three judges who will determine on a ratings scale the delivery of the music selection.”

The 53 member choir performs regularly for local, state and civic organizations. Since the choir formed three years ago, they have made two performance trips to New York City and Nashville Tennessee. Additional choral groups performing at the competition are the following schools: Spring Mills, Hedgesville, Jefferson, Ravenswood, Tuscarora, Musselman, Washington and Martinsburg.