EMS announces social studies fair winners

Elkins Middle School students recently participated in the school’s Social Studies Fair. First place winners will move on to the Randolph County Social Studies Fair March 19.

Winner include:

Individual Economics, first place, Lane Kalar, sixth grade, “The History of John Deere.”

Individual Psychology, second place, Taylor McKinnie, sixth grade, “Haunted White House,” and third place, Isabella White, sixth grade, “How Pets Help the Elderly.”

Individual State and Local Studies, third place, Alexis Hare, sixth grade, “When was the first pepperoni roll invented.”

Small Group State and Local Studies, second place, Chloe Taylor and Anthony Balheim, seventh grade, “Weston Insane Asylum.”

Individual Psychology, first place, Alex Chestna, sixth grade, “History of Nintendo,” and second place, Kaffie Miller, seventh grade, “Braces.”

Individual World History, International Studies, first place, Harmony Wilson, sixth grade, “What is Highland Dance?” and second place, Olivia Ferguson, seventh grade, “World War II.”

Small Group Would History International Studies, Kayla Bassoff and Rachel Crawford, sixth grade, “Fantastic Olympic Gymnasts.” and second place, Natasha Carpenter and Dacie Pennington, “The History of Balloons.”

Individual Anthropology, third place, Cody Gatehouse, seventh grade, “Anubis – His Impact on Egyptian Life.”

Small Group Anthropology, second place, Brooke Pritt and Gabby Bedford, second grade, “Amish.”

Individual U.S. History, first place, Justin White, sixth grade, “Why Did the Navy Seals Form?”

Small Group U.S. History, first place, Sofia Triplett, George Triplett and Hayden Long, sixth and eighth grades, “Blue Angels.”