Philippi assumes ownership of dam

PHILIPPI – Philippi City Council voted to take official ownership of the Little Laurel Run Dam, an alternative water source, earlier this week.

At a Tuesday meeting, Councilwoman Barbara Brian – like other members – voted in favor of assuming ownership of the project; however, Brian wanted to make it clear that her yes-vote was centered on her understanding that she was not voting that Philippi City Council would take financial responsibility for the completion of the project. About $2 million in funds are still needed to complete the project, city officials said.

If ownership would mandate that Council had to pay the $2 million, Brian said she would not vote yes.

Council member Ed Larry and City Manager Karen Weaver both assured Brian that the vote was strictly on the issue of ownership.

With an ownership claim to the project, all the contributors and the government agencies dedicated to the completing the dam will be able to push for more funding to help secure the remaining dollars that are needed for its completion.

Weaver said the project already has been designed, and the design has been paid for. All that’s currently needed now to move it along is money, she said.

Councilman Ed Larry said that Council had already voted to take ownership of the dam at a past meeting, but somehow that vote did not make it into the minutes for that meeting.

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