Students visit National Radio Astronomy Observatory

The students at the Ambassador Christian Academy found a new perspective to God’s creation in a recent visit to the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank.

The vastness of God’s creation, even beyond the Milky Way, was revealed as the students experienced the hands-on use of one of the observatory’s telescopes.

In the overnight visit they learned how the telescopes gather radiological data, as well as, how to use the telescope to gather their own data. Prior to leaving the Observatory campus, students compiled their data to find out where in our universe their activity was discovered.

It was a great experience for the students and staff to see God’s creation from a different


Staff was able to answer many questions they had about mankind’s beginnings and God’s hand in speaking this world into existence. The students will take the value of this experience from this field trip into the rest of their lives and for that the are very grateful. The school would also like to thank the Otterbein United Methodist Church for not only loaning their van for this excursion but also for loaning their pastor, Jim Murphy.