Technical center hosts skills contest

Fred Eberle Technical Center hosted its annual SkillsUSA and HOSA Student Skills Competition Friday, Feb. 7. Students from each training program put their skills to the test against each other in the annual competition. There were 27 different competitive events held, with all 1st place winners continuing on to state level competition. The presentation of awards was held the same evening at the Buckhannon-Upshur Middle School auditorium.

SkillsUSA first place winners will compete at the state skills and leadership conference to be held at The Putnam Career and Technical Center March 28-29.

HOSA(Health Occupation Students of America) will host its state competition at Marshall University March 7-8.

Local competition winners are: automotive technology – first place, Ty Hudson-Lewis, second place, Spencer Sartan-Lewis and third place, Brian Smith-Barbour; automotive technology-post secondary – first place, Sam Leigh; carpentry – first place, Austin Wilson-Upshur, second place, Dakota Linger-Upshur and third place, Sam Claypool-Upshur ; Cisco networking – first place, Steve Brown-Upshur and second place, Dylan Dewey-Lewis; collision repair – first place, Josh Cutright-Upshur, second place, Todd Champ-Lewis and third place, Tyler Groves-Upshur; computer repair – first place, Reno Cutright-Upshur, second place, Joseph Bender-Upshur and third place, Kory Cunningham-Upshur; computer repair post secondary – first place, Robert Tacy; diesel technology – first place, Todd Hathaway-Upshur, second place, Devon Johnston-Upshur and third place, Michael Shaw-Barbour; electrical technology – first place, Isaac Skelton-Upshur, second place, Joshua Shulte-Upshur and third place, Sam Ellis-Lewis; electrical technology post secondary – first place, Dalton Crislip; health occupations-CPR/first aid – first place, Ryan Douglas-Lewis and Ricky Marsh-Lewis, second place, Desiree Kelley-Upshur and Rebecca Landers-Upshur and third place, Shayanne Monnett-Lewis and Devaney Kerns-Lewis; health occupations-forensic medicine – first place, Samantha Proudfoot-Upshur and Mickayla Cole-Upshur and second place, Elizabeth Metz-Lewis and Megan Mullooly-Lewis; health occupations-health career display – first place, Haley Mulholland and Samantha Conrad-Lewis; health occupations-health education – first place, Lyndsey Hawkins, Kristin Frashure, Summer Westbrook and Whitney Bender-Lewis; health occupations-medical assistant – first place, Elizabeth Metz-Lewis; health occupations-pharmacology – first place, Hope Willhoit-Upshur; health profession-clinical nursing – first place, Emily Taylor-Upshur; health professions-forensic medicine – first place, Kaylee Clifton-Upshur and Erika Riley-Lewis; health professions-home health aide – first place, Martika Miller-Upshur and second place, Courtney Smith-Lewis; health professions-health poster – first place, Holly Loudin-Upshur; health profession-job seeking skills – first place, Erica Betler-Upshur; health professions-life support skills – first place, Shelby Sprouse-Lewis; health profession-sports medicine – first place, Shadie Suder-Upshur; welding technology – first place, Logan Bragg-Upshur County, second place, Jacob Breen-Lewis County and third place, Jacob Claypool-Upshur; welding technology post secondary – first place, David Richards; welding fabrication – first place, Elijah Heater, Matt Shelton and Allen Whittaker-Barbour and second place, Cody Walton, Cody Dean and Kyle Marteney-Upshur; welding sculpture – first place, Brooklyn Landis-Upshur and second place, Logan Ball-Lewis; and welding sculpture post secondary – first place, Jamie Streets and second place, Evan Loudin