WVU?releases Dean’s List

West Virginia University has announced its Dean’s and President’s List for the fall 2013 semester. A total of 5,572 WVU students were named to the Dean’s and President’s List following the 2013 fall semester. Out of these students, 1,942 were named to the President’s list after receiving a perfect 4.0 grade point average. Those on the Dean’s list received a 3.5 GPA or higher.

The following 57 students from Randolph County achieved this honor: Toni Ausman of Montrose, multidisciplinary studies/BMDS; Tesa Bennett of Beverly, pre-nursing; Adam Burky of Elkins, computer engineering; Rachel Burky of Elkins, presecondary education/math; Thomas Cain of Elkins, nursing; Keegan Campbell of Elkins, social work; Jason Collett of Elkins, biology; Macie Cooper of Coalton, art and design; Sarah Cooper of Elkins, presecondary education/English; Colleen Cunningham of Elkins, general admit business; Tyson Currence of Beverly, biochemistry; Naby Damarputra of Mabie, general studies; Bayleigh Davisson of Elkins, elementary education; Tennyson DeMarco of Elkins, general admit business; Ashley DeMotto of Elkins, art and design; Lauren Edmond of Dailey, biology; Zachary Elbon of Elkins, petroleum and natural gas engineering; Michael Elza of Elkins, wildlife and fisheries resources; David Evick of Montrose, general engineering; Taylor Gutta of Elkins, pre-sport management; Brooke Hammer of Elkins, English; Edward Hamrick of Norton, biology; Jayson Hamrick of Elkins, political science-pre law/business; Holly Harris of Beverly, pre-biology; Paul Hartel of Elkins, pre-political science; Lillian Hill of Mill Creek, biology; Ashley Huffman of Elkins, nursing; April Kesling of Beverly, pre-pharmacy; Mary Krantz of Elkins, nursing; Brittany Lambert of Mill Creek, psychology; Richard Lewis of Elkins, multidisciplinary studies/BMdS; Keenan McClane of Elkins, mathematics; Joshua Mccoy of Elkins, computer engineering; Willa Mcwhorter of Elkins, theatre; Elijah Meyer of Beverly, civil engineering; Rachel Morgan of Beverly, world language, literature and linguistics, international studies; Shasta Mullenax of Huttonsville, geography; Amy Owen of Beverly, international studies; Christopher Pharis of Mill Creek, pre-sport management; Michael Phillips of Coalton, psychology; Erica Pifer of Elkins, pre-elementary education; Alex Pingley of Elkins, computer engineering; Staci Pritt of Beverly, forensic and investigative science; Letitia Propst of Elkins, sport and exercise psychology; Molly Ranhart of Beverly, world language, literature and linguistics; Caleb Rhodes of Elkins, psychology; Alex Ritter of Elkins, biochemistry; Julia Rose of Elkins, social work; Richard Rosencrance of Beverly, history/sociology and anthropology; Erin Scarberry of Montrose, multidisciplinary studies; Ellyson Schumacher of Elkins, physical education-teacher education; Laura Senic of Harman, special; Haley Shepard of Coalton, social work; Jacob Sutton of Elkins, computer science; Emily Thompson of Elkins, elementary education; Ciara Ware of Huttonsville, elementary education; Chelsea Yeager of Beverly,