B-U High Risers moving right along

The B-U High Risers CEOS Club held their monthly meeting on Feb. 10. The meeting was called to order by President Donna Bennett. The roll was called by Wanda Demastes. Mary Harper led the club members in the Pledge of Allegiance and Teresa Wiles read the meditations titled “Feed Good Attitudes.”

The treasurer’s report was

unavailable at the time at the time of the meeting.

In new business, flowers were presented to Stacy Murphy as the top seller for the bake sale on Feb. 7-8. Also in regards to the bake sale, President Donna Bennett asked Ann Kasten to write a report on the two-day sale and share the report with the club members at the Feb. 10 meeting, via telephone while still recovering from her illness.

In other club business, Donna Bennett spoke on the Spring Achievement Awards Banquet, with the craft show/competition to be held at 7 p.m. March 31 at The Way of Holiness Church.

The lesson for this month was on Irish and Scottish influences on Appalachia, given by Donna Bennett.

There was a discussion on purchasing a tent and folding tables to have for functions of the CEOS club, such as setting up a booth at the Horse and Buggy Parade during Strawberry Festival. A motion was made to check on the cost for both items, and the motion was seconded by several members. Donna Bennett asked for a volunteer to check into the cost of the items and Anna Kasten via telephone volunteered to do so.

The meeting was adjourned, and refreshments were served to club members. The B-U High Risers held their next meeting on March 10 in the Buckhannon Manor Community Room.