Hodgesville Elementary parents share in learning

Remember the days when you were a kid and your parents made the biannual trip to school to have a conference with your teacher? In the meantime you waited patiently (at least you tried) to hear what your teacher had to say about you.

Times have changed. On Feb. 20, students at Hodgesville Elementary School took over the role of teacher and explained their progress and what they are learning to their parents. Students and parents were invited to school so the students could share their learning activities with parents rather than the teacher providing a narrative about the student. There were competitive games that challenged the adult’s math skills.

Making play dough by showing parents how to read measurements was a fun station. In one classroom, students read books to parents to show off their improved reading skills. Parents were challenged to use computer programs and to complete quizzes just like their children do every day. At the end of the student-led conference, parents left a positive note to their child about all the learning they are doing.

These student-led conferences allowed parents a quick glimpse into the routines and activities their child is a part of each day.