Hospital opens skilled nursing unit

BUCKHANNON – St Joseph’s Hospital, recognized by the US News and World Report as having one of the best overall nursing homes in West Virginia, has now expanded its care to the community with the addition of the St. Joseph’s Skilled Nursing Facility.

The St. Joseph’s Skilled Nursing Facility opened in February and is located on the third floor of the hospital, adjacent to its long-term care facility. The skilled nursing facility provides specialized skilled and rehabilitative services to Medicare patients meeting the requirements for skilled nursing services. In addition to 24-hour skilled nursing care, social services, physical therapy and rehabilitation services, and pharmacy and nutritional support also will be important services provided to patients.

Dr. Clyde Mitchell provides the medical leadership for both the nursing care facility and the skilled nursing facility and Donna Lewis serves as the director of nursing.

They report they are looking forward to providing the specialized skilled and rehabilitative services to Medicare patients. Both noted that patients will “not settle here for the very long term,” which has been associated with our current nursing care facility. Rather, these patients will require a higher level of nursing, rehabilitative or medical management needs and will be treated in the short term.

The opening of the new facility provides residents in Upshur County and surrounding areas another option when looking for care beyond the hospital setting.

“The skilled nursing facility will give patients in our community the opportunity to receive the best in rehabilitative and skilled nursing care in an environment that is closer to home,” said Sue Johnson-Phillippe, president and CEO of St. Joseph’s Hospital.

For more information about St Joseph’s skilled nursing unit, call 304-473-2068.