Maple syrup open house celebration set

Blue Rock Farm will celebrate its sixth year of producing local organic maple syrup by opening the sugarhouse to the public during the 30th annual maple syrup festival on Saturday and Sunday. Events will include a tour of the operation, syrup sampling and other refreshments containing maple syrup.

“The season got off to a slow start with the challenge of unexpected weather events, but the weather is now cooperating and we’re anticipating a good harvest. When temperatures fall below freezing during the night followed by sunny days, the sap begins to run and is collected in the sugar house to be boiled down in the wood-fired evaporator,” explained Don Olson, co-owner with his wife Linda Zimmer of Blue Rock Farm.

To meet requirements for organic certification, farmers must keep detailed logs of production and are inspected yearly to confirm that they have not used additives, herbicides or pesticides in their operation.

Blue Rock Farm Maple Syrup is available at the farm, and at several local


“From our friends and neighbors here in Randolph County to the chefs at the Greenbrier, our syrup has received rave reviews and we couldn’t be more pleased. I hope many people in the area will be able to stop by our open house and sample this year’s harvest,” said Zimmer.

For more information and directions, call the farm at 304-335-8239.