Social workers strive to help others

Social workers at Mountain Hospice help provide support and education to patients and families who are facing a terminal illness. In addition, they help with advance directives and making patients’ wishes at end-of-life known.

The social workers at Mountain Hospice often go above and beyond their duties. Often you will hear of a social worker at Mountain Hospice spending a little extra time with a patient or family member who needs extra care.

Or, you may hear of a social worker who helped a husband and wife renew their wedding vows after 63 years of marriage. You may hear of a social worker who help get a ramp built for a patient so she could get outside and enjoy her garden and grandchildren. The social workers at Mountain Hospice are touching the lives of the patients and families each day and they are making change possible.

Let’s all help the social workers in our areas celebrate the many ways they make a difference in people’s lives every day. Social work contributions strengthen communities, expand options and foster changes that improve life for everyone.

“The social workers at Mountain Hospice go above and beyond each day for the patients and families they serve. They are not just social workers to our patients. Many of our patients have referred to the social workers as angels, and they truly are. “You can see that social work to them is not just a job; it is a passion and a chance to touch someone’s life and change it for the better,” Director of Clinical Services Jessica McHenry added when asked about the social workers at Mountain Hospice.

For more information about the Social Workers at Mountain Hospice and how they may be able to help you and your loved one, call McHenry at 304-823-3922.