VIP awards presented at St. Joseph’s Hospital

BUCKHANNON – St. Joseph’s Hospital has honored three employees as their Valued Inspired Persons (VIP).

Receiving this award were Larry Gatian, Jessica Koerner and Kelly Sturm. This award is presented to an employee who lives and demonstrates the Christ values of the hospital: Compassion, Hospitality, Reverence, Interdependence, Stewardship and Trust.

Gatian works in the cardiopulmonary section of the hospital. His co-workers say that he shows a great commitment to his patients, profession and other employees.

“He always does his best to bring comfort to his patients and their families,” said Julie Neff, director of cardiopulmonary. “He never fails to jump right in whenever and wherever needed.”

Koerner is a home

health and acute care physical therapist.

“Jessica shows deep respect for every patient she encounters,” said co-worker Duane Sikarskie. “She is willing to give her all to bring about positive changes in patients’ physical and mental ability. It’s wonderful to know that the patients in St. Joseph’s Hospital and our surrounding communities are getting such great physical therapy care.”

Sturm works in the business office of St. Joseph’s Hospital.

“Kelly has worked at St. Joseph’s for many years and serves as a resource for other employees,” said Leslie Evans, director of revenue cycle. “She is always the first to volunteer to assist in events at the hospital. She is a steward of the hospital’s resources and always goes the extra mile.”