West Virginia Reads 150+ kicks off program

West Virginians are taking part this year in a reading program called “West Virginia Reads 150+.” In Elkins, individuals, a school, a garden club, and two book groups already have begun to record the books they read this year. The goal is 150-plus books per person or group, and books add up quickly.

Here’s how. Ten members of a book group read one book a month; that’s 10 books per month for the group. Add the books the members read individually, and the total adds up quickly. Books can be downloaded, purchased, borrowed or listened to. Anyone who belongs to two groups that are taking part may count all books read toward both group totals.

The books a person reads to children count: 10 books a month adds up to 120 books in a year. Listening to audiobooks (CDs) counts. A family that decides to participate will count all the books that members of the family read – in school, to children, for work or for pleasure. If two members read the same book, that’s two books.

The rules are whole books only, not magazines or other materials. Elkins Library has the simple forms.

At the end of the year, people taking part will turn in their lists to Elkins Library. The library will then send the totals to West Virginia Library Commission. There may be a writeup listing the top numbers for individuals and groups. The totals do not have to add up to 150+. Most individuals will not reach that number unless they read to others a lot. Groups could read 200 books or more.