Alderson Broaddus president receives award

Dr. Richard Creehan, left, president of Alderson-Broaddus University, was presented the Barbour County Chamber of Commerce President’s Award by outgoing Chamber President Brenda Hunt during the Chamber’s annual banquet meeting.

The award, in the form of a Golden Eagle in flight, was selected by Hunt, quoting George Bernard Shaw, who said, ‘”You see things and say, why?, but I dream of things that never were and say, why not?”

“This can be said of the recipient of the President’s Award,” Hunt said. “Dr. Creehan looked beyond the way things were and saw what things could be, shared that vision with others, got them excited about the possibilities, and led the way in a leap of faith that brought that vision to life. The realization of that vision will have lasting impacts, not only for the university but for our community, our county, our state and beyond.”