Auvil running for House of Delegates

The following candidate statement was submitted by Ken Auvil: “I am Ken Auvil from Belington. I am a Democrat candidate for the House, 47th District, Barbour /Tucker.

“I believe I can use my record of education and political reform, my experience as legislator, teacher, soldier, farmer, of building homes, creating jobs to help ‘grow’ our economy and quality of life.

“The theme of my campaign is your legislator, and your vote, is not for sale!

“In the past 30 years ‘the rich have gotten richer, and the poor have gotten poorer.’ Progress towards women’s equality, health and pay have stalled, and most workers have lost ground.

“Obscene amounts of money have purchased political influence, laws and regulation, favoring the wealthy, diminishing the middle class.

“The courts have ruled that money is free speech and corporations count as people. One billionaire family has spent $90 million towards issues that favor the wealthy and to fund ALEC, an attempt to control every state legislature in the country.

“It is time for voters to vote, and time for your legislator to stand up to big money.

“As a legislator who fought corruption, I will fight for reform of big money in politics With outright lies, they use unlimited money to smear, to sow negativism and obstruction, to discourage and subvert the will of the voters at the ballot box.

“In this time of purchased fear and division, I offer leadership, tested in fire, that always speaks truth to power. A corrupt governor and attorney general learned early that you couldn’t buy my vote. My record shows that voters count more than power and money!

“If you will vote, if you will stand up for me, I promise that I will stand up for you, and you will know your seat in the legislature is not for sale!

“I ask for your ideas, your support and your vote.”